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About The Owners

My name is Melissa Wren and I am the director of ABC 123 The Wren’s Nest Daycare & Learning Center. I received my BA in Child Development from Berea College. I have worked for The Child Care Council of Ky for the past 20 years with the Child Care Assistance Program helping low-income working families find and pay for quality childcare services. My husband Rodney is a lieutenant with the Ky State Police.  Having worked in the childcare service industry for 20+ years I have heard the concerns of young families of the need for quality child care.

Our Pre-School. Our Family. Our Community

For so many family’s daycare is the only option they have, and we want to give them more than just a place for their children to go while they are at work. With children and grandchildren of our own we understand the desire of parents to have a safe, nurturing environment that also offers opportunities for each child to grow and learn according to their own developmental pace and gifting.  It has been our experience that a loved child who feels safe to explore her world and who is surrounded by age appropriate materials will learn and develop at a much stronger pace.





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